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      Brownell's has clean out nozzles and replacement spray nozzles: BROWNELLS CLEAN OUT NOZZLE | Brownells and BROWNELLS CLEAN OUT NOZZLE | Brownells

      I have used both with good results to get more than one use of a can of Aluma-Hyde.
      So far with my one time use of the product this has been my experience. But be careful how you spray. I think you need to pay attention to the distance to the can and not go too heavy. Lean toward misting the paint because I found it to have too glossy of a sheen with a 'normal' spray can application. Also if you try to do light coats, you need to wait 10-14 days if you go past 30 min.

      So try it out first on something to see how it dries on its own vs using a heat gun, etc. I wouldn't want you to use it and find out its not a matte as you expected. I think you need to be this careful with Duracoat too in order to achieve the best flat or matte look.

      I bought their clean out nozzles per their recommendation, and I was able to use the can at multiple times.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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