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Early USGI Springfield Armory Build on Early SAI Receiver

"Early USGI Springfield Armory Build on Early SAI Receiver". Please see this linked thread https://www.m14forum.com/threads/early-usgi-springfield-armory-build-on-early-sai-receiver.508132/ for detailed description since the narrative in albums are now very limited in size.

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Your M14 is very nicely done, while looking through your pictures, I found at least one part not S.A., the gas cylinder is an H&R gas cylinder made Torrington.


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Hi Ren,
Thanks for taking the time to look over the build and provide feedback, much appreciated as you are without a doubt a master at these detailed builds.
Terry mentioned to me about the cylinder before he put it on but the reason I used this is twofold. 1). I removed it from an unopened SA 1964 dated tube 2). There was an older discussion detailing this anomaly of SA using these for their rifles so I decided to use this cylinder for the build.

The rifle probably should have had a “no lip” cylinder to be early but the transition period for cylinders going to lipped was 1961 which is what my barrel is dated so I also went with the better design.
Just a little insight to my thought process.
I will probably switch out the hammer at a later date, and will keep an eye out for a nice 85 series bolt to swap out. Thanks again for the input and taking the time to review the build. Really do appreciate it buddy.
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