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New Member Introductions

Post up here and introduce yourself!
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M14 Forum News and Announcements, Code of Conduct, and Rules of Engagement
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Community feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions about the forum
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M14 M1A Forum

The M14

Traditional M14 Platforms - M14, M1A
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Modern M14

Modern M14 Rifle Platforms - SOPMOD, EBR, CrazyHorse, JAE Stocked
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Devine M1A

Devine M1A Rifles Forum - topics and discussions, history and theories
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Ammunition Forum - ammunition, magazines, pouches, handloading
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M14 M1A accuracy tuning and modifications
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Gunsmithing Forum - For custom gun builders and the art of gunsmithing
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Post up your M14 M1A rifle pictures in the past or the present
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M14 M1A Reference Guides
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M14 M1A in Hollywood - movies and television
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Rifle Forum

Steel and Wood

Steel and wood US military rifles - M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, BAR, 1903's, Krags
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M1 Garand Accuracy

M1 Garand Accuracy - discussion about improving accuracy on your M1 Garand
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M16 AR15

M16 AR15 Forum - Topics and discussions about M16 and AR15 rifles
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Rifle stock refinishing, custom painting, and retrofitting discussions
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Rifle Competition

Rifle Competition Forum - service rifle matches, high power competition, national matches
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Gun Forum


Handgun Forum - pistols and revolvers
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Bolt Action

Bolt Action Rifle Forum - Bolt Action Rifles, Scopes, Mounts
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Lever Action

Lever Action Rifle Forum - lever action rifles, single loading, flintock
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Shotgun Forum - shotguns, trench guns, M79 grenade launcher
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Foreign Military Guns Forum - AK47, SKS, Mausers, Japanese Type 99, FAL
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Full Automatics

Military Automatic Gun Forum - US Military and Foreign Military automatic guns
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Rimfire Gun Forum - topics and discussions about Rimfire guns and cartridges
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Gun Optics - Scopes, Red Dots, Lasers, and other optical devices
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Edged Weapons

Military Edged Weapons Forum - military weapons, bayonets, knives
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Broken Arrow

In Memory of Our HuntingHawk. Survival related preparation and issues
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Gun Rights

Discussions about 2nd Amendment and protecting your rights
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Other Guns

For all other guns that don't have their own section
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Gun Professionals

Bill Ricca

Ordnance History by Master Ordnance Historian Bill Ricca
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Ted Brown

Shooter's Den Articles from the desk of Ted Brown
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Gus Fisher

Thoughts and archives for continuing reference by Gus Fisher
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Jon Wolfe

Modern M14 Type Rifle Gun Professional
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Tim Shufflin

Garand pro.
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Lou Biancospino

Owner of LRB Arms...been around M14's since 1968.
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Discussion about hearing issues and hearing protection by Spanky
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Vision problems and discussions concerning the shooter's eyes and vision
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Armed Services

Wall of Honor

A salute to our US Armed Services during their tour of duty and keeping our country safe, and for remembering our Fallen Heroes.
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Veterans Affairs

Veteran issues, news, information, and events
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US Marines Forum - topics and discussions about anything Marines
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US Army Forum - topics and discussions about anything Army
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US Navy Forum - topics and discussions about anything Navy
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Air Force

US Air Force - topics and discussions about anything Air Force
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Coast Guard

US Coast Guard - topics and discussions about anything Coast Guard
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Military History

General Military History, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War & Gulf Wars.
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Your War

Anything about war or conflict - unit missions, weaponry, tactics, gear, ammo, armament
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Private Sales Only - Only M14 M1A weapons, 7.62 NATO ammo & accessories.
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Private Sales Only - For any make and model gun, accessories, ammo
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Group Buys

For admin approved group buys exclusive for our community
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Want To Buy

Tell us what you want to buy
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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward / Goodwill - Yours to give away for the cost of shipping
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Alert others of good bargains, steals and deals
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Slop Chute

Read Only: Reference feedback info prior to Feb 2011
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Sold Pending Funds - Sold Classified Listings
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Vendor Deals

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Camera Land

Camera Land - 866-9optics
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Community Help Section
Off Topic

Huntin' & Fishin'

All your Hunting/Fishing stories and pictures with your favorite catches and gear.
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Auto Racing Forum including CART, Formula One, NASCAR Auto Racing - keep it friendly!
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Gun Shows

Gun shows and events
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East Coast

Ranges, shoots, and meetups in the East Coast region
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Ranges, shoots, and meetups in the Midwest region
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West Coast

Ranges, shoots, and meetups in the West Coast region
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Ranges, shoots, and meetups in the Rockies region
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Ranges, shoots, and meetups in the Texas region
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